Friday, September 3, 2010


Those of you who know me and/or my father (a.k.a. Big Joe) are aware that three weeks ago he had an unfortunate and severe meeting of his cranium to the pavement when he wrecked out on his road bicycle. Due to the extent of his injuries, he has no recollection of the accident. He was riding early morning on a two-way, four-lane major road that is under extensive roadwork. We have deduced that he must have clipped a piece of debris on the road or a gap in the busted out pavement. He was not hit by a car as evidenced by his bicycle being unscathed. Tumbling over his handle bars, he landed face/head first into the ground.

Being early morning and traveling solo, a lonely passerby saw him lying face down on the ground and called 911 (thank you, whoever you are). He spent a few days in the hospital with a broken nose, abrasions, two areas of brain hemorrhaging and pain all over, but he is healing.

My father talked of being worried that his fear would get the best of him and he wouldn't ride again. He's proving himself wrong. A week out of the hospital he had already replaced his mangled helmet with a new, unmarred one. After follow ups with the neurosurgeon and the trauma doctors, and getting clearance to return to regular activities as he feels ready, he is already out on his bike and riding.

My dad is amazing. Oh, did I happen to mention he is also above retirement age (he is still working) and lost most of the vision in one of his eyes Less than two years ago? Yeah, he's an example of resilience and bravery...and maybe a little bit nuts. But that's why I love him!

Now here's the point, dear readers: If being 60-something, half-blind and having slammed your head into the pavement isn't enough to hold "Big Joe" back, what excuse can any of us possibly have for giving up on our goals?

Now get back back on your bike and ride.

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