Wednesday, September 29, 2010

high tech time...sort of

My last cellular phone was the equivalent of two cups and a string. I have never been into the latest and greatest technology, but it was getting ridiculous. A flip phone? Really? There was even a four and a half year period (a.k.a. my days as a poor grad student) when possessing a functioning cell phone was foregone and I lived with a land-line alone. *gasp!* (I had to wear a watch those years.) When I achieved my professional license, I vowed to upgrade my phone for myself. Well, I got the license and kept on flipping my phone open, perhaps in a silent protest of "I don't need anything more" attitude. Then I finally caved and..."Got the latest iPhone, Melissa?" No, no, no...that would be much too up to date. I got a Blackberry. The first few days I wondered if it was worth it, spending the extra money for what really? Having played around with it, I am finding it to be rather useful and I feel somewhat connected to the "modern world" we're living in. Of course, I have not bothered to learn how to do everything on it. It even took me a few weeks to figure out what a pin and BBM was, but I accept that my learning curve on technology is slow. I'm fine with that.

Since I no longer utilize smoke signals in communication, who wants to BBM? Oh, you all have iPhones? Okay, never mind. I'll get one of those when you all have upgraded to the iBrain phone implant.


Jane said...

I've always had a flip phone. I finally upgraded to a new red flip phone last year. My husband laughs at me because I really don't give a damn about having a cell phone. Half the time it's not charged and/or I can't find it. I guess I'm hopelessly trapped in a different decade :) Still, my kids have iPhones and seem hooked with all the bells and whistles and every now and then I wonder what it would be like to have that much in the palm of my hand.

Melissa said...

Ha! Well, my high tech blackberry's ringtone stopped working last night. sigh.

Holmes 3 said...

Hi tech, Low tech, the only 2things that count are that you can work the darn thing so that you can get and send your phone calls, and text messages if you do those (I don't, I figure if you want to talk to me than talk to me); and that you get a nice low monthly cost! After all do you really NEED a $150 a month plan with all the bells and whistles when all your doing is calling someone?
I've still got the same phone that was passed on to me about 10 years ago. Yes it flips and no I don't know how to work all the bells and whistles :)