Sunday, September 12, 2010

i cannot tell a lie

I recalled a memory today from back when I was living on Sherman Street in Denver. I was a poor grad student in my last year of studies, deeper in debt and school work than ever before. Sitting outside my apartment on one of those beautiful sunshiny Colorado days when a local 12-stepper (possibly off the wagon) asked to borrow my cell phone. I replied simply with a "sorry, I don't have one." To which she promptly yelled back, "You're a liar! Who doesn't have a cell phone?!" I was taken a little aback. As she stormed away around the corner, I sat slack-jawed and speechless. Never before was I yelled at for telling the god's honest truth. I really was so poor I could not afford a cell phone. I thought about it for a bit longer and realized, hey, if her second statement were true, why was she asking to borrow mine?

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