Saturday, April 9, 2011

oh deer!

So here is my next post about Mastic Beach, the town with the negative reputation.  We've been residing here for a couple of months and keep finding reasons why we are glad we moved here. Case in point: wildlife. Today on an early morning walk, Boddington and I were greeted by this lovely and curious deer just two houses down the road. As soon as we spied her, we stood still and observed. Curiosity brought the deer about 10 feet from us and I was able to snap a few photos with my blackberry. 

So here is this town that people would respond with halfhearted congratulations when they heard we bought a house here. I am finding more and more proof that it is an amazing place to live. Not only do we get greeted by deer but our bird feeders bring such a vast array of feathered friends you would think you were in a Disney cartoon and the symphony is about to begin. The woodpeckers keeping rhythm, of course.

Just as I don't believe in pre-judging people before knowing their character, I will no longer judge an area until I experience it first hand. If I had gone with my original feelings about this town, I wouldn't have seen the wonder and joy contained within.

Off to our next adventure! Happy Saturday, everyone.


bumby said...

I am very impressed that Boddington stood quiet alongside while Bambi approached. Good Boy!

Melissa said...

Boddie and the deer always just seem very curious of each other. He does, however, bark at horses. Boddington, not the deer.

Brandi Reynolds said...

a great lesson in not casting judgement without getting to know 'something' first. Hooray for wildlife!! That would be so cool to look out my window and see deer *sigh*

Melissa said...

I had a run in with an elk once in colorado