Thursday, April 7, 2011

perhaps i need duct tape?

185.365 does it? by misslissa13
185.365 does it?, a photo by misslissa13 on Flickr.
I think I need some duct tape to help me stick with things longer. Now don't get me wrong, many things in my life I have stuck to long term: joy, friendships, relationships, my love of spaghetti squash and 80s new wave music. However, there are things in my life, many of which I love partaking in, that I cannot seem to find the motivation or time to continue. I have been exploring the reasons why and have the intention on changing this behavior (as long as I can stick with that commitment, of course).

Example one: Blogging

I love blogging. I enjoy writing, expressing myself and sharing a variety of topics with the world (however near or far). I tell myself I am going to commit to writing more frequently...and then I don't even log on to the computer for anything. I know this is a good thing since I prefer real activities over virtual ones, but I still find joy in the virtual world as well.

Example two: Healthy Habits

I LOVE veggies, I LOVE exercise (seriously), I LOVE LOVE LOVE yoga. I get into the swing of these yummy habits...and then stop like I hit a brick wall. I feel wonderful all around when I am engaging in these, then stress happens and I let them all go. In my mind I know that continuation of good habits is the best way to deal with stress but it still gets thrown out the window.

Example three: Art

Getting back to creative expression has been a long-time struggle. This one I am finally getting back to within my heart. It has been a long time since I was an art major. My path in life has taken many twists and turns but I truly need to get this back and keep it in my life in order to feel whole.

Perhaps duct tape isn't strong enough. Maybe Krazy Glue? I did hold that construction worker to the ibeam really well. Now, to see if I post again tomorrow... (to be continued)

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