Tuesday, April 19, 2011

wonder if that sign said no dumping

I never understood the idea of dumping trash. What makes it so difficult to leave things at your own curb, make a phone call for pick up or take things to the local dump. Selfishness and inconsiderateness must be the top reasons. But what I really want to know is, how do you combat it?

I love my new neighborhood more so than I had ever anticipated. There is beautiful scenery, fantastic houses and lovely people living here. Is it possible for those of us who take pride in the area to combat those who do not care?

We are trying to do our part as best we can. Graffiti removal has cleaned up our stop signs, Boddington always gets picked up after (and is leashed) and trash that is dropped or blown near our house is disposed of properly. We are even contemplating posting random "pick up after your dog" signs in front of unoccupied lots, though the loose dogs can read them. I am not seeking a pat on the back for I believe everyone should do what they can to keep the neighborhood clean. What I want are ideas on what more can be done?


Stevie G.B. said...

what amazes me is they had to carry it further than their own curb..

Melissa said...

unless it was the ducks. then that is their curb

Jane said...

Yeah, I hate to see litter and it especially offends me to see large items just thrown somewhere...as if anyone could just go an easily move them! I like the idea of signs posted. Wouldn't it be nice to have a neighborhood watch of sorts?!