Friday, November 2, 2007

and a little sadness creeps in and is painted

i see fishes
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A slight sadness has crept into my stomach this morning. This is the second to last day at my job in Providence. I am going to miss the kids I have worked with this past year, most of whom are really great kids with really tough lives. They were born into chaos and this chaos seems to perpetuate even more chaos. Many of them will be in my thoughts for years to come. I will wonder and hope that their lives have turned around and that they have come out stronger or at least relatively unscathed. I know many of them will not; I am realistic. But I am also hopeful. None of them are a lost cause.

What can I say about my coworkers....they are an amazing group of gifted, caring individuals. Strong women and insightful men, all possessing amazing and unique personalities and the ability to laugh and stay balanced (most of the time).

Change happens and I love it! No stagnation, always growing and moving forward, enjoying each step of the way. Luckily, I have decided to participate in Art Every Day Month (AEDM) to keep me grounded in this major transition time. I found this idea from Leah on her blog. She has been quite an inspiration to me. Check out her blog, her art is lovely, as well as her journey through life. Here are the basic guidelines I loosely copied from her blog:

November 2007: Fifth Annual Art Every Day Month
Rules are simple: Make art every day for the month of November, post it on your blog if you can, and have fun with it! Art is loosely defined here, just be creative in any way your heart desires (painting, collage, doodle, drawing, clay, poem, video, music, knitting, whatever!) Even if you just make art every week or once this month, the goal is simply to bring more creativity into your life. November 2007 is the 5th year of AEDM. Feel free to join in the fun! Be an Everyday Creative, Be Creative Every Day!

You can "sign up" by leaving a comment on her AEDM post. I did in order to hold myself accountable and not flake out on this. Art is therapeutic for me and this is a good way to continue getting back in touch with that side of myself. Please let me know if you are coming along for the ride. I will be keeping you all updated as to what I am working on. For yesterday's work I want to share this:

Is it art? I do not know. The other day I was gathering my snacks and lunch to bring to work. While getting a bag to tote these yummy delights, I walked back and noticed the lovely array of colors I was planning on consuming that day. I was struck by the variety. Unfortunately, the photos came out a bit blurry, which I did not realize since I was in a hurry to get to work. Alas, after work, the palette had already been consumed so I could not recreate it. I am glad, though, because this was unplanned, spontaneous art that just occurred in my daily grind. Life is amazing, we just need to take those moments to see it's awe.

I look forward to sharing this AED Month-long journey with you. I have curiosity of what will transpire throughout the move and my increased access to my art supplies, many of which are stored at my parents' house in New York. I also look forward to seeing what others are creating for this month (and beyond).




Leah said...

it's definitely art, melissa! i love the fact that you looked at your lunch and saw a beautiful palette. such vibrant colors!

PixieDust said...

I agree with Leah, this is art, that you can see fruit and appreciate their vibrancy, their color - that is an artist.

I look forward to seeing your art everyday - I hadn't heard about AEDM, but oddly enough I had pledged to myself on Halloween that I would make an artpiece a day for the month of November - strange, yes?

I'm sorry for the children you must leave, also. No doubt you have been sunshine in their lives. And no not all will make it, this I know from experience, but for those who do it will be in part because someone as beautiful as you took the time to care.


Melissa said...

Thanks for the encouragement Leah. That means a lot since you are the one that has inspired me to begin this.

Pixiedust, I think that your personal inspiration shows how you are tapped into the collective unconscious that Jung, et al talk about. That's great! I wish you luck on your journey and creativity.

As for the kids, I only hope that I have put a few drops in their buckets and oneday they will learn how to go to the river and fill themselves.

Kevin T said...

That's not just art! That's a story, and scary too! The mean ol' Peppa and the evil Eggplant (and I do hate eggplant, with or without parmagiana) have been hunting the two poor Tomatoes, who have been trapped from behind by the seemingly friendly but actually treacherous Banana! Who will save the poor juicy garnishees? Will they be sliced and diced, or perhaps puree'd??? Wait! Here comes Apple to rescue them! But first he must get past the seemingly friendly but actually treacherous Banana! Will he make it? Go Apple, Go!

Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion. Same Lunch Time, Same Lunch Table!