Friday, November 16, 2007

my week wrapped in brown cardboard boxes

my week
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As of later today, I will be without internet connection for a spell. We are shutting off service in our soon-to-be-former apartment and our new service is not scheduled to be installed until December 8th. *sigh* I will be checking in periodically at my folks' house since I will be within driving distance for the first time in about five years. This hiatus of services will also make it difficult to post my Art Every Day Month stuff. I will have to do some catch up in December but I covered my ass through Sunday by posting four photos in the group today. See? Forward thinking!

Uprooting and moving again is bringing up stress and self examination, as it always does. I am riding the wave of it and seeing what transpires. That is really all I can do. Introspection gets deeper at these times, as does "future thought". What will the next chapter of life include? What goals will I reach? What will change? What will stay stagnant? Do not get me wrong, I actually enjoy the pensive and even the sometimes somber thinking. It reminds me that I am real, and being real is what it's all about. I am sure there will be some deeper posts forthcoming.

Since I dismantled our desk last night, I have been sitting here on the floor, amongst the boxes, with my feet falling asleep. It time to face the day, finish up the loose ends and finalize the packing. See you in a few days!



marta said...

Waiting for your return...smooth moving

Leah said...

travel safely! i hope it went as smooth as possible!

ann michele said...

t a g .

ann michele said...

yes i am lame.

and up too late catching up on blogging.

i am sending you a guest relations informational request

not a TAG. the tag was from yesterday technically.