Sunday, November 4, 2007

don't worry, there's no quiz at the end

This will by no means make anything clearer. It will, however, back up the fact that life is never boring and is filled with lots of synchronicity. Ready for some head spinning? Here we go:

Map 1
1 Lake Grove, NY
2 Lafayette, CO
3 Boulder, CO (apt B1)
4 Boulder, CO (apt B2)
5 Boulder, CO (apt B3)
6 Denver, CO (apt D1)
7 Denver, CO (apt D2)
8 East Providence, RI
9 Patchogue, NY

Cast of players:
Melissa - yours truly
Greg - the best!
E - ex #1
L - ex #1's wife
A - ex #2
Kerry - roommate

- Grew up in location 1, where my folks still live (yay!)
(There was an incidental move 7 miles away to Sayville, NY, but considering I am focusing on the past in under 6...years, I will ignore this know, to keep it simple. haha)
- Moved to location 2 to start grad school
- Moved to location 3 to be closer to grad school and far away from crazy woman I subleased from
- Moved to location 4 when A was moving out with dog S
- Moved to location 5 when things with A took a turn for the worse
- Moved to 6 with roommate Kerry when building 5 was sold and new owners were converting it back to a one family
- Moved to 7 (Greg's Denver apartment) when lease with Kerry was up and his fiance' was moving in
- Moved to 8 when 7 lease was up
- We are currently in the middle of move to 9

Okay, that part was relatively simple. Here are some crazy synchronicity (see if you can follow):
- All players involved were originally from Long Island (some never left)
- Began friendship with Greg when we were teens living 9 miles apart
- Greg and E went to HS together
- Me and L went to HS together
- Greg and L graduated the same year
- Me and E graduated the same year
- E shares a birthday with my father
- Lost touch with Greg some time after Community College
- While dating E, we both took a poetry class taught by A
- E broke up with me and began dating L, engaged 6 months later and eventually married
- After class ended and grades were in, I began dating, and eventually becoming engaged to A
- A introduced me to Transpersonal Psychology which is how I learned about Naropa University for my grad work
- Moved almost 2000 miles to 1, then 2, and, while at 3, A moved to CO
- Moved to 4, 5, then 6
- I did not know roommate Kerry while living in NY. Met him through a mutual friend from LI about the time when Kerry's former roommate moved out and I needed a place. That worked out well. Got a place to live and gained valuable friendship.
- Kerry's fiance' and I share the same birthday
- While at 6, found Greg's profile online stating that he just so happened to be moving to Denver the next month
- Greg moved, friendship reunited, love grew
- Moved in with Greg at 7
- Moved about 2000 miles together to 8
- Planning and in the process of move to 9
- E and L also live at 9

Did you follow all that? Did not think so!

Map 3:
Greg and I both moved about 2000 miles to fall in love with each other and move back to a place (C) 11 miles from where I grew up (A) and 6 miles from where he grew up (B). And we'll be living down the hall from E and L.

Okay, I think I got this all of this straight. Life is certainly never boring!


michele said...

The world works in very mysterious ways. I'm convinced that everyone who starts out on Long Island, end up here again eventually.

Melissa said...

Long Island....Swahili for "vortex". I doubt we will ever be able to afford a house on the Island, so this will likely be for the next three years or so while Greg goes back to school.