Saturday, November 3, 2007

art for november 2nd and 3rd

So this, my second and third entry for the Art Every Day Month, come from a laugh we were having yesterday evening. My coworkers, boss, Greg and I went out for a "going away shindig" after work yesterday. We enjoyed our time at the new location of a restaurant and bar called Cuban Revolution in Providence. Decorated with radical decor and art, we laughed at the idea that Chris, our boss, would probably love to have a stencil-like art piece of himself in the office depicting the same style as the one by our table. So, of course my mind ran with it. I came home last night and printed out a photo I have of boss-man. I then converted it into an pen and ink drawing in a stencil-like style. That was as far as I got last night.

Today, I took my chances at playing around with Photoshop, a program I have zero experience with. Under the tutelage of Greg, I was able to create an extremely similar-to-the-piece-at-the-restaurant version of my boss.
Thank goodness my coworkers and boss have good senses of humor, and they appreciate mine. This Art Every Day Month project is a lot of fun. Until tomorrow....cheers, Melissa

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tammy vitale said...

Hi from art every day land! I love what you did not knowing what you're doing - I can't do that and I've been swearing I'm going to learn forever....and there you are way ahead of me already (as is everyone else).

Very nice!