Wednesday, December 24, 2008


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Because I like visual tracking systems! Today was day fourteen of my "30 Day Yoga Challenge". (Is that what I called it in previous posts?) The orange y's are the times I have done yoga (notice it's been twice on some days) and the blue is Groovy. I feel wonderful and it never feels like a chore to have to get all bendy and stuff. Even if it is late, late at night, I simply do a more relaxing program. I am thrilled that Groovy's been joining in, too.

My body feels so much better and I can feel the difference in my muscles and joints. My flexibility is increasing, strength is building and my mind is clearer.

This is definitely a habit that will continue beyond the 30 days. I was debating making it a 365 challenge, but I would have to have a disclaimer for days that I am sick because, really, a main part of yoga is listening to your body and giving it what it needs...which is usually yoga!

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