Wednesday, December 17, 2008

(sun) salutations!

I am a week into my "yoga for 30 days straight" challenge and, let me tell you, I am feeling the positive changes already. My neck, which has a vertebrae that likes to rebel against the rest of the spinal column, has rejoined alignment with the rest of my back. My muscles are already feeling more "bendy" and daily I experience the post-workout "good" soreness. Perhaps I am starting to re-solidify my wimpy muscles already!?!?!

I start feeling better as the orange Y's continue filling up the calendar boxes. Coincidence? I think not! And Groovy joins in with me, too!

Why the "30 day" challenge motivates me, I am not too sure. It could be my competitive nature of team sports as a child/teen that I used to strive on. It could be my goal-setting nature. Or it could be something I have not yet tapped. Whatever the core reason, I do not need to have a deep understanding to reap the benefits.

At this point, I'm thinking that my next 30 challenge will be an addition to my life rather than a replacement of the yoga challenge. This regular yoga practice is a good mind/body-focusing tool that will support any subsequent challenge.

The next question is: What will my next 30-challenge be????? Any ideas?

Stay tuned for late breaking news!

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