Monday, December 29, 2008

the next thirty

As my 30 Day Yoga Challenge is still going strong, I ponder what to reach for next. Here are some of the ideas thus far:

30 Day completely vegan diet (I am already a lacto-ovo-pesca vegetarian; I'd take it to the next level with inspiration from my new vegan cookbook)
30 Day sugar purge (no added sugar/sweets/juices, except whole fruit/whole fruit smoothies)
30 Day apartment cleaning/purging project
30 Day stay within points diet
30 Day raw foods (Though I have done this one before and, even though I felt great it is a bit pricey with the amount of nuts, raw cheeses, etc.)
30 Day creative arts (not counting my 365 on flickr)
30 Day cardio
30 Day spend no extraneous spending

I am not sure which feels right but I am likely to start before the end of the yoga challenge so I need to get deciding! As for the yoga challenge, I am already up to day 19. I am truly feeling the health improvements more each day. The increase in muscle strength is most evident to me now. I deeply want to, and will, continue this as a daily practice. It is never a chore to fit it into my daily endeavors. This is more than I hoped for when I put myself to the challenge. I wonder if I can make this one a 365 challenge...hmm......


Brandi said...

we have the same glasses. :-)

I love your blog! thank you so much for stopping by mine and's nice to meet you.

Melissa said...

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I'll be by yours again.