Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the mark of a birth

the mark of a birth
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Oh I apologies about the out of focus, pale leg photo, but I wanted to share a little more about myself. I have two birthmarks. Both reside on the side of my left leg. I always kind of thought this one looks like North America (If you flip the photo over and squint a little) and I assume the other one (higher on my leg) looks like some European country. Perhaps one day I'll take out the almanac and figure it out.

It never bothered me having them except when, as a child, my older brother would say that I have dried leaves stuck to my leg. It's funny, the things that bother you as a child, but it did. Now I just chuckle and think, "It's true. They do kind of look like dried leaves...if you flip it over and squint a little." Perfect!

What are some of your "perfect flaws"?

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