Tuesday, December 2, 2008


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Some days I feel I know exactly who I am, some days I'm not quite sure. But I find that, as I get older, the question of "who do I want to become tomorrow?" is a more poignant question.

Behind this is a laundry list of goals. I used to keep a running list in my dally planner and record the dates I achieved each one. This system feels antiquated to me now and does not spark me to move forward. Today I need something more visual. Inspired by "inspiration boards" that some artists and creative individuals use (sometimes a cork board that they affix photos, items, words, etc. to that inspire them to create), I'm starting an "inspiration wall".

Since, I am in the process of creating a studio space in the apartment (formerly the second half of the table nook in the kitchen; first half is already commandeered by Sherman), I have decided to start out with sticky notes of the things I want to do and/or become. I adore the idea of being able to move, rearrange and hold them in my hands. Perhaps a small photo or picture to go along with each will add to the inspiration. I'll see how it evolves.

Having my goals and inspirations right there in front of me perhaps will help me pinpoint which to tackle next (or concurrently. Again, I will see what happens.)

So today, I do indeed know who I am: a self-inspiring motivating organizer. (Hmm, I hope that will fit on my business card...)


Mr. Sable said...

My wife and I have a similar board of photos and such - visual goal board. We call it our "Wall of Happy"

Stevie G.B. said...

The best piece of advice I ever read about goal watching is give yourself a vacation once in a while. Spend a day or even a week not thinking about your goals. You find that you come back to it later, stronger than before. I enjoy giving myself a break once in a while.