Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what if..

186.365 what if..
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...there was no limit to your potential?

What if you did not stand in your own way?

What if your personal resources were endless?

What if you start today?

What if you didn't have any critics, external or internal?

What if you "threw caution to the wind"?

What if you fail?

What if you succeed?

What if you simply took a chance?

What if you lived without regret?

What if you went someplace that scared you?

What if you kept a glimmer of hope?

What if...

...your life is truly lived?


giniwinilokokukuhaha said...

very thought provoking. however, as a rule, i try never to ask that question -- it just makes my brain hurt and doesn't change a thing. :-)

have a great day, doc!


Lori said...

WOW! This is powerful!