Sunday, March 29, 2009

ah, go take a hike!

And indeed I plan to. This upcoming week is all about recharging, self-care and creativity. I took the week off from work because, well frankly, I am just plain exhausted! Tuckered out, if you will.

The plan is to take some yoga classes, lace up the inline skates and hit the pavement, tie up the hikers for some trails and tune up the bike for a spin. There is always ice skating or maybe even a few more jogs. Do you see a theme here? Physical activities that I love!

Creativity will come in by creating some art or new jewelry pieces. I picked up new colored pencils I need to break in and have some wire I want to play with.

I wonder if I have time to pick up a book and read?

Oooo! Prepping the ground and planning the garden...getting my hands dirty with earth sounds divine!

I feel eager and excited to dive in to some serious self-care. I am all about resting, creating and living. Anyone care to join me?

1 comment:

Nanimal said...

ooooh. so fabulous! I want to take the week off. ( I do get the week after easter off - how is it that 10 days seems soooooo far away)... :)