Friday, March 6, 2009

changing "growls" to "om"

The feeling of disconnect is prevalent in my World lately. Mainly stemming from the misalignment of my neck and subsequent shoulder pain, I am incredibly "off." Feelings of exhaustion due to lack of quality sleep on top of the physical discomfort is taking it's toll. Every day is a challenge to get through as I simply do not function well on little sleep.

Tuesday involved a trip to the doctor but there was not much he could do for me because my insurance only covers chest x-rays. (Great insurance, huh? Good thing I did not go in with a broken bone or I would have been s.o.l. The doc actually advised me to go elsewhere if I ever break my leg.) I suggested he have the technician do a chest x-ray with bad aim but, dang it, he would not go for it. Since this is a recurrent problem he wants me to go see an orthopedist who, presumably, will be able to x-ray and see what is going on inside me. Now, I am just waiting for the referral. Patience, patient!

In the meantime, I am continuing my daily yoga practice with careful diligence. I continue to (try to) focus on staying grounded, but this is not always easy. Perhaps, taking some vacation days from work in order to recharge is in order. Perhaps a visit to my acupuncturist or massage therapist would be helpful. Yes, I think it is indeed time. Time to ratchet up the self care until I can get realigned.

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