Tuesday, September 15, 2009

*gulp* no! not rabbits!!!!

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I stumbled on this quite by accident while making a round about u-turn. Right in the heart of suburban Long Island, just off the expressway, is a source for fresh killed meat. Though I am vegetarian, I would rather see people get their meat from a local source where the animals get to actually live until they are ready for consumption. I would think that there would be less of a chance of the meat going to waste compared to mass produced slaughterhouse product that is frozen for lengths of time, but this is just a guess. I also think that someone buying local like this would be more apt to buy only what they need and, since it is fresh, consume it soon after purchase. Again, another guess.

I know, some people will be up in arms about this post and call me a hypocrite. Go for it. I do believe in kindness towards all creatures, but I also respect people for their own food choices (and I have been known to swat a mosquito on occasion...okay, many occasions). We are mammals and many mammals eat other creatures for sustenance. Again, those upset would argue that we do not HAVE to eat this way. True, but people can choose to and that is fine by me. My hope is that everyone takes a moment to appreciate all the food they eat and what sacrifice people and/or animals have made to bring it to their plates. Live consciously.

Just my three cents (inflation).

Bring it on Peta, bring it on!


Melissa said...

Bello Poultry Market. they have fresh eggs too!

Nanimal said...

ha! love the post... being conscious about my food sources has been on my mind lately, good reminder.