Thursday, September 24, 2009

sick day? more like sucky day

So here I am, home from work. I think I was fighting a bug since last week, but did not start feeling off until this week. I have had a few random intermittent hours of sniffles (not too bad), swollen glands, tiredness and a temperature. Tuesday, I noticed a lot of mind-fog/spaciness (insert "so that's different than normal how?" joke here) happening and Wednesday this worsened. Normally, I will just push myself through feeling blah, but I got home last night and realized that if I do not rest up, this is going to get worse. There was a moment of hesitation in my mind thinking of my clients whom I had scheduled appointments with but I realize that none are in imminent crisis and sharing my germs with them and my coworkers would not be an act of kindness (my office is of meager size and there is NO air circulation).

Now here is the annoyance of staying home: being pent up in a basement apartment is not exactly a healing environment. Grrrr! I will do my best despite this.

Dr. Schnookleheimer's Feel Better Plan:

  • Rest, Rest, Rest
  • Eating lots of garlic and turmeric (anti viral/bacterial, anti inflammatory) and getting in some protein despite the lack of appetite
  • Echinacea and extra vitamin C on top of my regular vitamins
  • Drinking lots of water and decaf teas
  • Watering the wilty flowers and sitting outside in the fresh air for a spell (hope the neighbors do not mind my unkempt appearance)
  • Taking some time to do some reading
  • Watch some really bad television
  • Do something creative
  • Engage in some gentle yoga
Hopefully all of this will do the trick. If not, does vegetarian "chicken" soup work too?

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