Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are All Ardently Awaiting Acquisition of the A Activity?

So I started gathering my thoughts about the letter A for my Alphabet Challenge.
A for Anarchy? No! A for Archery? I did some research and there are some local indoor archery ranges that you can rent and get a lesson. I think this could be fun. Anyone interested on hitting a target with a sharp pointy stick with me? If you live local, I'd love to get a group together for an "archery party" (seriously, some of the places have this!) or one or two people as accompaniment. If you live in a land far far away (from me), why not find a place by you and give it a try?

I am still open to other A ideas, too. Plus, there are still 25 other letters of the alphabet to get to! Lots of you read the original post about this challenge, but no one got creative with ideas. Come on, lurkers. This is group participation and it may affect your grade (tee hee).

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