Monday, February 21, 2011

time wasting

I am so adept at getting caught up in researching things and distracting myself, that I end up wasting time I could be engaging in productively organizing the house. Case in point: I am blogging instead of unpacking the second bedroom or the kitchen. It is snowing and I have the day off so I have no legitimate excuse to be unproductive. I think I found my motivation: crafting.

So I am going to sign off and clean and my reward (besides an organized house) will be space and time to do some crafting this evening. Nice!

What are you doing today and how are you rewarding yourself?


bumby said...

Welcome back to blogworld! The house looks wonderful, congrats! Hope all is extraordinary. I will now resond to a comment you left me, I have always loved dreams and I did some Jung when I was young. My dad was a psychologist so I was surrounded by books and journals and loved to dive in.

Tonight I won't be rewarding myself, I will be awarding my self. I am giving me the man of the year award. Have to wear a tux. I'm a little nervous because I have to make a speech, I'll open with a joke, that usaully works

Melissa said...

I didn't know your dad was a psychologist. Hmmm, it's all making sense now...