Friday, October 12, 2007

bundles of joy

The last post was a bit heavy, but I am feeling lighter today so here's to JOY! The office I currently work in houses multiple non-profits that work in conjunction, providing various services to children in DCYF (Dept of Children, Youth and Families) care. One of the organizations has a therapeutic foster care program. The other day, they had the newest foster child in the office: a two week old beautiful little girl. She was sleepy and tiny and just amazing. I stood in awe looking at this little creature sleeping in the arms of program workers. I was flustered by the fact that something so wonderful is not enough to make a parent straighten their life up so they can quickly get custody back. But seeing that little baby made me think of the babies that are in my life (well some of them are big kids now but that is what happens, they grow) and how blessed I am. Though I have mentioned this before, it is worth repeating. I never knew the capacity of love until I saw my best friend's first daughter (my "niece" Annalise) for the first time. Holding her for the first time, I thought my heart was going to burst with joy. I cannot even fathom the level of love a mother feels for her own children. Someday, I hope to. But until then, I will just enjoy the little smiles I get on my face when I get to see other peoples' children and hear their laughter. Here's to joy!
Mini list of joy:
-Having wonderful people in my life
-Moving much closer to family and friends
-Sharing in my brother's wedding day
-Getting to see a bunch of people who understand what "It happened on Alpine Place" means
-Actually mailing out my parents' anniversary card the week of their anniversary (still late, but within the week. That's progress!)
-Morning all fruit smoothies (this morning's had mixed berries, banana, clementines, and cranberries. Yum!)
-Guardian angels (people in our lives that have died but still give you signs that their energy is around you)
-Reconnecting with old friends
-Crisp autumn days
-Apple desserts with real vanilla ice cream that has vanilla bean speckles visible
-The helpful, caring responses to my last post
-Finding little moments for "me" time
Where is your joy?


The Whole Self said...

my joy is here:

"Apple desserts with real vanilla ice cream that has vanilla bean speckles visible"

i love that you wrote this.

kathryn said...

My joy resides in my amazing daughter, who is learning to smile and makes me melt. My joy is also in my husband, friends, family, and health. And Dove dark chocolate Promises!