Monday, October 8, 2007

here we grow

tree at night
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And now, more about the changes I have been alluding to. As mentioned earlier, we let the landlord know we will not be renewing our lease. The reason for this is that we are moving back to New York. As much as I am tired of moving (number 8, baby!), this move is incredibly exciting. Since we both grew up there, we have many more connections to jobs. (Unfortunately, the job growth in Rhode Island has been slim and the predictable future outlook is bleak. Heck, I applied for many a second job to no avail since moving here.) Plus, Greg is going to be studying for his Master's in acupuncture and we will be in driving distance of many of the important people in our lives.

In the process, we just finished penning our resignation letters for our current jobs and will submit them tomorrow. We have found an apartment that rocks and are in the process of getting approved to move in there. (If we get this apartment, I will need to expand on the strangeness surrounding it.) I have begun the application and interview process to find a new job.

We are very busy, but I love change! And having Groovy by my side keeps a smile on my face through it all.



marta said...

Moves are stressful and exciting. It's been forever since I've moved, but I used to love it...good luck!

Melissa said...