Tuesday, October 30, 2007

prayer to st. apartmentos

We need some positive energy for us to get approved for a new apartment and for a smooth and easy move. We have boxes all over, job interviews set up and a vague timeline. Now we just need to start tying up the loose ends, including securing a new residence. So we ask you, St. Apertmentos, give us a blessing.


marta said...

I'm actually sad you're leaving Providence. My father is from there and I still have family in that corner of the universe. In fact, if you happen to know any Pelrine's, they are related to me!

But good luck with the move all the same.

Melissa said...

I am experiencing some sadness about leaving too. Who knows, we may be back someday. Depends on which way the wind blows. The strange thing is I am having "homesickness" for Colorado getting stirred up as well (I only lived there for 5 years). Thanks for the well wishes.