Friday, October 19, 2007

what did i do last night?

Last night I cried.
I laid down next to Greg.
And I talked and cried and got things out.
I let myself be vulnerable and I did not censor myself.
And my eyes were swollen and red.
And my nose was all runny.
And I talked about my flaws and my weaknesses and some fears.
And he held my hand and hugged me and talked too.
Now I feel less pressure and less tension.
And I feel better and I know I am loved.

Originally uploaded by misslissa13


mercie said...

Being able to talk to someone like that is a wonderful thing!

PixieDust said...

Oh, this is so beautiful... that you have someone to hold you when you feel most vulnerable. You are indeed loved, and you should be.


Rick Hamrick said...

What a blessing you are for each other!

Melissa said...

....and he's one heck of a vegetarian cook (even though he's not vegetarian)! ;)

Stella said...

Ditto on all the above comments - it is wonderful to be held, heard, loved. But I confess it is your photo that is so very touching. An amazing shot. Do you have Photoshop? You could really make that something so wonderful to frame and hang.

Melissa said...


Thanks. That photo was part of a series of self photos using the camera in nightvision mode. We were just being silly and goofy. We're in the process of moving, so after we are settled we're probably going to work on a photo wall.

ann michele said...

that is always nice.....snotty and yucky...but somehow nice.

ann michele said...

oh and i forgot a little humiliating....but again, still nice.