Monday, December 3, 2007

everything old is new again

Being back on the Island is proving to be quite an experience. I am not sure how to take it yet. When I was driving the moving truck from East Providence, the ride was interesting. As I drove up the five exits of 195, I looked at the Providence skyline for the last time and felt a pang of sadness to be leaving so soon. The experience somehow feels incomplete. Noticing the sign at the 95 split pointing the way to New York, I felt a small sense of hope and happiness. The bulk of the drive was uneventful. The truck's dashboard lights were not illuminating and Greg was having trouble driving his car as "slow" as I was traveling until I said it was fine for him to drive ahead. I listened to music and sang along to the songs I knew (even to some that I did not). All was well until I got half way through Nassau County. Tears welled up a bit and I felt a tinge of sadness that I could not explain. Crossing over the Suffolk County line, full fledged sobbing commenced.

After having a couple of days to settle in, I have noticed how familiar and yet foreign everything on the Island seems. It has been over five years since I have resided here. I forgot some of the routes to different places. Stores have gone out of business and new strip malls have been built. People still drive aggressively. Life is busy. I need to take some moments to really think about what it means to me to be back here and decide what happens next. What will transpire, I am not sure. I am filled with curiosity.

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