Saturday, December 8, 2007

my question

This question has been resonating in me for some time now. Am I enough? I understand where the seeds of it were sown, but it is only partially still rooted there. The roots have spread to many different soil pots and gardens, gaining nutrients and water from each. Am I enough? It is a question between me in relationship with others. Am I enough? It is a question for myself. It is a question that juxtaposes me within my career and other professionals. It is a question I ask of myself within the Universe. Most importantly it is a question I ask of myself in relationship with myself.
Am I enough?


Lin said...

You should take a look at She has a post on just this very thing, and I think the conclusion is--you are.

Melissa said...

Synchronicity.....I had just heard a reference to that very book just yesterday! Thanks.