Thursday, December 20, 2007

raw's what's for dinner!

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It's been three and a half weeks of eating mostly raw and I am still loving it! I have lost six pounds without thinking about it, without being hungry and while exploring meals I would never have dreamed of trying before. I am feeling fabulous and plan on continue eating mostly raw, adding the occasional cooked meal. I have never eaten this quantity of veggies and fruits daily in my life; an average of seven servings. And that is actually mostly vegetables, with a couple of fruits. I do not have to worry about having to scrub baked on, caked on foods off of the dishes. (a bonus when you have no dishwasher!) I have not had any cravings, even with a plate of fresh baked Christmas cookies sitting in front of my face....literally. (Resisting the sweets is driving some of my coworkers nuts.)

The other day, I made the raw burritos for my parents and they loved them, along with the raw apple pie I brought to top off the meal (pictured left).
As an added bonus, I did not even feel guilty when Greg suggested and we subsequently had dessert (raw fruit cobbler) for dinner.

Everything I am reading says that you do not have to go fully raw to gain benefits. Why not try one raw meal a week? Or once a day? Do some exploring for yourself and see what you come up with......I dare you.....I double dog dare you!


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