Wednesday, December 19, 2007

heathen of the office

Arg! I cannot take much more mindless, repetitive and pointless work. It isn't even the type of mindless work that you can be fully mindful and transform the nothingness into contemplative moments. On top of that, it amazes me how most of my coworkers behave like this is rocket surgery or brain science....or that, GASP! Momma's coming! Keep busy! Or Momma's somewhere existing in the relative area...Keep busy! I have never witnessed more paranoid gaggle of workers in my life...and I have work in many different work environments. I am amazed that some of them were even annoyed that the pot luck holiday celebration of the office might interfere with their hours of work time. Whew! What would happen if they took a FULL 30 minutes to actually break away from the very important work of making sure corporate chain retail store floors might not get cleaned this week! DOUBLE GASP! They all got plates of food to eat at their desks while continuing to work.

Being observant individuals, we are realizing just how strange and incestuous this company is....don't even get me started on the convoluted familial relationships that fill half the employee pool there. Of course, boss' daughter awkwardly referring to Daddy as "Corporate" and multiple people having the same last names are just two such examples....and everyone puts on a show that they are all just coworkers. Twilight Zone shit, I tell you! It's no wonder they have no problem with Greg and I both working there.

On a work related side note, I have gone on a couple of interviews and things look promising. I cannot wait to once again work a job that isn't ONLY for a paycheck. I don't want to look back ten, twenty, thirty years from now to say, "I'm glad I wasted forty hours each week of my life doing a job that didn't feed my soul, help others or had some other benefit to the world and my life!" Yeah, I'm selfish like that.......psshhht....wanting a job that has meaning! I'm such a heathen....

......oh yeah, I freaked some people out the other day. A coworker yelped that her computer hates her.....I told her, "Computer? That's nothing.....god hates me." Four people gasped that I could say such a thing. What? God doesn't have a sense of humor????? Luckily, I do....AND I don't believe in hell. Bwaa ha ha haaaaaa!!!!

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