Sunday, July 27, 2008

alive after 5...6...and 7

Alive After 5
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I had a blast on Friday seeing some old friends and listening to a Dead cover band that was actually rather good. A couple of these friends were those I have not seen in about 17 years. The one under my arm is my kick-ass friend John who was in from San Diego.

Good times, good times.

We were at something called Alive After 5 in Patchogue, NY. It's their summer event that occurs on Fridays...after 5 (duh). The town blocks off a stretch of Main Street and has a bunch of bands playing and vendors hocking their wares (and apparently Costco memberships. When street fairs go corporate....go figure). This is the first summer in a long time that I got to be there. It's grown and the past two Fridays have been amazing little mini-reunions. Rock it! See you there next week, folks. Maybe this time I'll bring my camera instead of swiping O.P.P.'s (Other Peoples' Photos)

photo credit: Rob Lehnert

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