Tuesday, July 15, 2008

of all the things i understand (a.k.a. r__ant)

I do not understand why someone would pay a decent sum of money to see the performances of bands they presumably like only to spend the whole time involved in inane conversation or perpetual text message conversations.

I am not referring to the two females who bantered back and forth across their male counterparts' seats in identically nasal-toned whining voices. These two had an in-depth conversation about why they chose the seats they were in, redundantly laughing and reiterating which one of them picked that row and how they could have picked different seats but did not. As annoying as this potato chip conversation was, at least it was during the span when the stage crew was setting up for the headliner. Incidentally, this group moved from these "perfectly chosen seats" just before the headlining act commenced their set. Guess the seats were not that good. But, no, this is not what I am referring to with puzzlement. What annoyance I mean can be illuminated by the next group that sat in those very seats. Within this group were a male and female who decided their conversation was much more relevant than the music everyone paid to see. Not only did they continue their conversation song after song, but they projected it so loudly that those of us sitting in front of them could enjoy each poignant sentence. Needless to say, general admission allowed us to move our seat so as to not interrupt their pillow talk. I just do not understand why someone would pay good money to have a conversation they could have had for free while not irritating those trying to enjoy the music.

The next thing I do not get are the people that spend the shows on their cell phones or text messaging the entire concert. I am not referring to those that use their cells to find their buddies in the crowd, because that works logistically well and it is presumably short term use. Those individuals still pay attention to what they paid to see. I am talking about people who spend the whole show texting or talking to people as if they where having coffee together and catching up. You may be thinking this is selfish of me, especially in the case of texting because they would not be as distracting as the excessive talkers referenced above. But, alas, they are distracting. In a dark audience, a cell phone screen illuminates quite brightly and, yes, it is distracting to those sitting around you. I find it disturbing that at any given point in time, you can see three or more people text messaging.

Do I just come from a time when people went to concerts to actually see, hear and experience the bands performing? I can not even use the "kids these days" retort because at least half of these offenders are around my age! I would rather be surrounded by beer guzzling frat boys who actually enjoy the music and sing every word to every tune than to be subjected to these inconsiderate people who have no interest in the concert experience.

Put down the gosh-damn cell phones, save your blackberry converstations until later and shut the fuck up when the bands are on! Are you that important that you must bless those around you and at the other end of your communication device at every minute of the day???!!! Yeah, I did not think so. Oh right, I forgot....you are there to brag to your friends that you were at the show even if you didn't actual pay attention to it. You know what, you can text that very sentiment from your bedroom at the same time as the show and they would be none the wiser. That way everyone gets what they want. Come on, be considerate to those of us who simply love the music.

Now, do not get me started about people trying to leave the parking lot post concert....... ARRRRG! Yes, I feel better now.

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