Tuesday, July 1, 2008

what's happening

In the grand scheme of things, I really did not miss the Internet these past couple of weeks. It made paying bills a little inconvenient, but overall it was a nice break and good to see that I am not dependent on such things. I remember when I first moved to Colorado and got rid of my cell phone for reasons of being a poor grad student. At first, I had such anxiety around not being connected 24/7 until I realized the ridiculousness of such attachments. Now the phone and Internet are simply conveniences and minor tools for research and contact, rather than necessities. It is quite freeing to embrace this.

Of the benefits of being "re-computered" and reconnected is the ability to work on some digital photography. I am looking forward to the three day weekend to take a hike (yeah, people tell me to take a hike often. I don't know why they are so concerned with my physical activity. Ha!) and take along the camera for some photo ops.

A few updates for you:
- I just got over being wicked sick and am doing much better, thank you. (Yes, I still have some New England in me...ah, wicked.)

- I am contemplating signing up for an art class at the local college to hone my skills again (it's been a long time since I was an art major)

- Now that I have a set schedule, I found a couple of new yoga studios to try out, as well as two tai chi classes (one is the form I learned in Colorado, the other is a completely different form that I know little about).

- My caseload at work is slowly starting to fill up so I am thrilled with that.

- The garden is growing. Peppers, tomatoes, lots of herbs, flowers and squirrel jerky (that is, if the squirrel continues to dig up our plants.....hey PETA, I'm kidding).

- I created a craft space to work on my jewelry. I even made a few new pieces the other day.

- I started researching schools again: Nutrition (to become an RD), PhD and PsyD programs (not sure what concentration yet: clinical, counseling, social psych, health counseling, etc.)

- Planning some day hikes.

- Planning a weekend trip to Providence to see a show and visit some New England friends.

- Trying to clean through stuff to thin out my possessions and donate and/or dispose of the unnecessary hoo-ha. Space cleansing, yay!

Basically, life is rather lovely and the stuff that is not is being taken care of (future blog I am sure).

Practice kindness by purity of thoughts, purity of words and purity of actions every day.


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