Sunday, July 27, 2008

new blog

Hello loyal readers and newbies alike. I have decided to begin a second blog. As a mental health counselor, it is vital that I keep my personal life, thoughts and information separate from my work life. By not allowing clients to know too much about me it keeps the therapeutic relationship professional and solid boundaries make therapy much more effective. The other reason is that I want a place where I can write more personal posts without having to worry about compromising my therapy practice.

What is this other blog, you ask? I have decided it is fitting to title it Finding Maitri. Maitri, or metta, means lovingkindness. This is a forum where I am documenting my journey of find lovingkindness for myself; something I struggle with daily. Though I am mostly open and honest in this blog, I am allowing Finding Maitri to evolve into a documentation of my personal journey where I am letting myself be completely vulnerable and open about my struggles and growth, my pains and discoveries, and my fears and joys.

Finding Maitri is by invite only, however, I am opening it up to anyone whom I know personally, those that I trust and/or have already developed online friendships with, and those of you that I can verify who you are (If I do not know you, as long you can give me some evidence that you are not linked to my workplace, I'll grant you access. I know, I hard to prove a negative, but try anyway.)

Let me know if you want me to send you an invite (most of you know multiple ways of getting in touch with me). I just need your email address to send you an invite. And fear not, Dr Schnookleheimer fans, I will continue my scribed gallivanting on here.


Anonymous said...

I would like an invite, please!

Stella said...

Hi Melissa,
I'd love to follow along your journey. I think anyone who reads my own blog knows that is what I most love to explore - that personal journey of healing. So, if you're comfy with that, I'd love to continue enjoying your writing. I'm seriously considering doing the same with my own blog.
stellaplain AT

Melissa said...

anon-a-dette, I was going to pre-emptively send you an invite, but I guess I was too slow.

Stella, I send you the invite. See you there!