Monday, September 8, 2008

everyone needs a little iron in their diets

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And I'll be pumping some at the gym.

I love working out at a gym, so we joined one yesterday. Though I have been out of touch with it in recent years, part of who i am
is an out of practice athlete, but an athlete none the less. Half a lifetime ago, I played many sports: ice hockey, field hockey, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, something that resembled ballet, skiing and even street games (hockey, stick ball, kickball, etc.).

Recently, I have inconsistently participated in hiking, walking, jogging, yoga and weightlifting.

With the weights and cardio, I always do well on consistency
when i belong to a fitness center. This one we joined rocks and it's super low cost. The downside is, they do not offer classes, but they do have group training times so you can learn more about the machines and designing general or targeted training and nutrition plans.

Today's agenda: Do some cleaning, go to work, and then Groovy and I are heading over to the gym for some cardio work instead of TV watching.

Improved motivation, health and self I come!

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