Tuesday, September 9, 2008

sherman makes progress

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Sherman has become dramatically more comfortable in his forever home. He started letting people pet him without totally going into hyper breathing, scared crouched down mode. Yesterday, we put down an area rug to give him an space where he's not Thumper on ice. Yes, linoleum is quite slippery on those fuzzy little feet. Running around on the rug brings him into super binky mode, which is a good sign (they usually do this when they are happy). Of course, if you didn't know what binkies are, you might think they are wigging out. After the first time he did a binky a couple of weeks ago, (after thinking he was wigging out and noticing that my house rabbit as a child only did small ones) I researched this rabbit acrobatics and found out the name of this odd behavior.

Normally, when he is out of his cage he will only run around or explore is if one of us is sitting on the floor with him. Earlier today, when I was cleaning in the kitchen, he started running laps around my feet! Progress, I tell you! And he simply cracks me up! I'm thrilled that he is becoming more comfortable and (dare I say) happy in his new and forever home. Finally the year of neglect he suffered in his original place of residence is becoming a fading memory for him. Yippee!

Here's a video someone posted on youtube of their bunny doing lots of binkies (I'll get one of Shermie soon):

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