Monday, September 15, 2008

spin's baa-aack!

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Woke up this morning and it was back.

The spinning room.
The tilting floor.
The nausea.


I had to call in sick (and I have no sick time yet) and hit the walk in clinic today. (Due to some sort of screw up with my health insurance not starting when it was supposed to.)
The doc drugged me up to deal with inner ear problems due to seasonal allergies (Yay! Welcome back to Long Island and the horrific allergens, Melissa.)

At this point, I'll take what I have to in order to stop the room from spinning and making me want to yack.

It's an inner ear thing like I had suspected a couple of weeks ago. This will likely be a reoccurring issue. GRRRRRR!!!! Long Island has horrible allergen levels and we live in a basement apartment (double whammy).

I am going to have to get crazy consistent with the neti pot once the meds are done, and try to be more diligent with avoiding possible foods that can exasperate the problem.

Nothing like a few good bouts with vertigo to get one's butt in gear towards better self care.


Nanimal said...

hah after your comment I looked to see who you were and was... "flickr person!" lol. sorry for my glee but my blogger and flickr worlds don;t cross often so I was all excited. lol.

Melissa said...

Ha! Well welcome to two of my online worlds! The funny thing is, I never wanted to blog or post pictures because I didn't understand the appeal and it seemed too cold and impersonal, but my opinion changed after trying it. I now know, you can connect with people. It's just a different, new means of doing it.

Melissa said...
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