Monday, July 5, 2010

so how's married life?

Now that people are done with the "are you pregnant" question in regard to my three week planned wedding and the "well, when are you getting pregnant" questions are starting to taper, I keep getting the "so how's married life" inquiry.

My response? Just like unmarried life, but with rings.

After responding this way numerous times I am realizing that this is not an adequate answer. Such a response sounds very mundane and unexciting. Let me explain a little deeper. You see, life before marriage was filled with love and joy, magic and laughter. So, yes, married life IS just like unmarried life with rings, but that, my friends, is wonderful!

...and, no, I am not pregnant.


Jagzier said...

lol, I get the same thing with a 7 month engagement :)

Melissa said...

My brother even said something in his speech about...Well, Melissa, you've got nine months to prove us wrong. ha ha