Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a brief look at what i am

I am eying inspiration all around:

In other peoples' accomplishments
In nature
In my dreams
In art
In recognition
In kind words

I am feeling anxiety:

In my own fears
In my environment
In events I cannot change

I am experiencing chaos:

In the nature of my work
In the mess in my sink
In the incomplete projects

I am engulfed in joy:

In my relationship
In my family
In my pets
In my goals

I am plagued by germs:

In my puppy
In myself
In my allergies

I am intrigued by curiousness:

In my career path
In my life's travels
In the next step
In learning

I am gaining awareness:

In who I am
In where I am going
In loving what is

... i am.


Jane said...

This was a great post. I love the simplicity and power behind every word. I find myself in so many of those place too.


mindy said...

melissa, i love this little peek into your inner workings. and i love your yummy creamcicle blog! so much inspiration here. so wonderful to find you beautifully immersed in life!