Saturday, June 30, 2007

bike goddess

I did a 28-mile bike ride yesterday evening. It rocks being two blocks away from the trail head of a 14+ mile bike trail. It's the East Bay Bike Path, which has areas with water on both sides, spots with Spanish speaking guys fishing off bridges, neighborhoods that I will never afford to live in and packs of kids reminding you that "Jesus loves you!"... it is always an adventure. Other than the post-sunset gaggles of gnats pelting me in the face (good thing I had my safety goggles on), it was a great trek last night. Time to think and sing songs in my head while the lactic acid builds in my thighs; It's my idea of enjoyment. There was one point where bats were dancing in the air above my head. A perfect blend of exercise, nature and entertaining people. Who's with me for my next ride?

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Melissa said...

Wow! I just realized that this picture is pre-tattoos. And is that a red beer cup in my hand????!!! It was one of Jen's "Glad I didn't get married today" parties in Connecticut. Ah, memories!