Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What's in a name?

I realize that the name I have chosen for my fledgling blog requires some explanation.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with many incredible, compassionate and inspirational people, and my grandfather was one of of them. His gentle personality, quiet wisdom, amazing wealth of knowledge, abundance of courage and simple enjoyment of life was awe inspiring. He never said a bad word about anyone or complained, even when he was in discomfort at the end of his life. He was happy to tend to the yard and get dirt on his hands, or play with the grandkids and laugh. He taught through example. His heroism was evident in the true story of him helping pull others from the wreckage of a LIRR crash he himself was in or in him spending years working for the NYFD. He never looked for accolades. His enjoyment of nature and landscaping, and even his simple act of pointing out daddy long-legs that crawled by, sowed the seeds for my appreciation of the natural world. I could write a book about him, but I think you, dear reader, get the idea.

As for the silly name, you see, Dr. Schnookleheimer was the name that he called himself when he donned the small white plastic spectacles and stethoscope from my Mickey Mouse doctor's kit and made us laugh uncontrollably with his fake German accent and silly routine. I strive to follow his lead: learning all I can learn, grounding myself in the dirt, treating others with compassion and "donning those little white glasses" for a hefty dose of laughter.

So here I am, in a cyberland that my grandfather did not live to see. I hope to use this as a forum for simple expression. Writing, sharing stories of my life, presenting my dreams, showing some of my art...who knows? I am not sure what will manifest or be presented here, I plan to let it unfold each with each and every entry.

So, Dr Schnookleheimer: A name that conjures up laughter from my childhood, images of my grandfather and all that he taught me....perhaps it will keep me focused on the things that make life worth living.

Please feel free to join me in my journey, add your comments when you wish....and I'll point out the daddy long-legs for you.


Holmes 3 said...

Hi Mel,

Your tribute to your grandpa brought tears to my eyes. He sounds like he was a very special person and although he may be physically gone he will never be any further than a thought. Your love for him is shining through your words and something tells me that he is looking down from the Heavens and smiling on you.

Leah said...

i love this tribute to your grandfather. it felt like i knew him for a moment. sounds like he was a wonderful man. :-)