Saturday, June 30, 2007

i'm a formal student once again

Here's a picture of one of my first classes at Naropa University and just some of the wonderful people I was blessed to study transpersonal counseling psychology with for three years out in Boulder. I love being a student. Part of it is the prospect of getting that piece of paper that shows I spent lots of money and time learning new things, but the biggest part is that of simply being a student. Whether it's sitting in a 200 seat lecture hall studying chemistry or sitting with 8 others on meditation cushions learning about diagnostic criteria, there is such comfort for me being in an academic setting that fosters a feeling of satisfaction. As I spend the next year deciding where to apply for my PhD ("piled higher and deeper" as a friend of mine dubs it)...and what specifically to study for it.....I have applied and been accepted to community college. Yes, friends (new and old), I am returning to school this fall to begin study in therapeutic massage at CCRI. This not only give me time to get to "in state" tuition status for other programs I am looking at (I've been nomadic for a few years), but it gets me in the classroom again. I feel like I have been going through withdrawal since May of 06 and look forward to taking one or two classes at a time. A bit of giddiness creeps into my belly when I think of it. :)

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