Thursday, June 28, 2007


um, yeah
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Sometimes I like to hold up yellow walls. I didn't paint the walls this color, but it works well with Greg's furniture. Part of me wants to make this apartment more "ours" but the thought always reminds me that we do not yet own a house. If we did change something, it would be like leaving a little bit of ourselves behind for the next tenant...and that feels curious to think that they might be imagining what we were like...The same thing I do with the choice of mustard yellow walls in two rooms, the New England "starving artist" picture left in the kitchen and the too-big-nails-used-as-picture-hooks left in the walls of every room.

I image he's a single guy in his mid-forties. Definitely not a RISD student. He works over at the I-way construction site; one of the few workers that commutes by foot. He had an old dog that his ex got in the breakup, simply because this place doesn't allow pets, and he misses that mutt. He would meet up with his old friend Jack for breakfast at the non-descript breakfast/lunch joint down the street and they'd talk about old girlfriends and chums from high school..... He calls his father in Florida twice a month, which used to be more frequent before dad started seeing Betty. Now they're off playing cards and drinking wine most afternoons. He has big dreams and a big heart, does volunteer work and is relatively content with his role in the world.

I wonder how he is doing in his new place.

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