Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Propagating in the kitchen

It's official. I've become proud mama to our little seedlings. Bedded in their tiny terracotta pots with blankets of soil, all of them sprung to life these past few weeks, revealing tiny leaves, blades and stems. How excited I am, to wake up in the morning or come home from work to see how the children have grown. Shy Oregano, with her tiny spouts, plays hide-and-seek in the soil each time that I water her, only to reveal her green cheeks hours later in her "here I am mommy!" sort of way. Tomato has had an impressive growth spurt this week, catching up in height to the Marigold girls who were early bloomers. Little Chive wakes up and says "good morning" with a stretch and a yawn daily. I truly appreciate how Daisy shows that she is a big girl by trying to grow so hard, but still retaining her innocence. Basil does not seem to be taking after his Great Aunt Bessy back in Denver at all, with her root rot and fly problem. Instead he's spreading around in the soil playfully and full of life. Soon, Garlic Chives should be arriving to join the family. Such little wonders they are.

These little propagations bring such pleasure and joy. Simply observing the ever changing life is grounding me in the present, the here and now, the only time we will ever exist. This is even more amazing if you knew my history of gardening....or my attempts at it, I should say. Amazing how the right state of mind affects the life around us, even if it is rooted in soil.

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Joe S. said...

I feel the same way about the pepper plants in my backyard!