Saturday, January 19, 2008

clutter be gone

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Though my chaos is contained, I, admittedly, I am not the most organized person. However habitual moving has helped me discover motivation to downsize, simplify and minimize. Additionally, over the past few years I have learned to decipher healthy and unhealthy emotional attachment to material objects. It is incredibly freeing to dispose of, donate or pass on things I no longer use, need or want.

The things I am sorting through this week are boxes of "important paper and miscellaneous stuff" I have lugged around (and accumulated) through three US states. Mixed in with old utility bills, truly important papers that are worthy of creating a proper filing system, "congratulation graduate" cards and half finished crossword puzzles, are letters, emails, pictures, etc from a significant ex. Some of which I knew were still in my possession, others I completely forgot about. Two things that amaze me about these rediscoveries are: 1) I am having no emotional or visceral response (positive or negative) and 2) Shredding and disposing of such items brings some clarity and light on my self image.

Here is just a taste of what I have noticed:
I no longer allow others to define me.
Much of my self doubt built up over the past few years has dissipated.
I only desire relationships that each person enhance the other.
I value my family and friends more than ever.
My "I can do anything I set my mind to" attitude has reemerged.

Clearing things can clear the mind, calm the body and sooth the soul. When we have unhealthy emotional attachments to objects we need to work through the underlying issues and let both the emotion and the item go. This is a gift we can give ourselves.

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