Tuesday, January 8, 2008

send me to the psych center

bells aren't ringing
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In my quest for a job now that I am back in New York, I have had to go over to Pilgrim State Psych Center in order to get fingerprinted for my background checks. Yes, for each new job application I have to get new prints done. (Good thing they use live scan/inkless prints or I would probably have ink poisoning by now.) The fun part of these trips to the Center is that a lot of the older facilities are abandoned, dilapidated or destroyed. Meaning: great photo ops. There are still a whole bunch of buildings to take pictures of before they knock them all down. I'm not crazy enough to enter these buildings since I value my safety and I do not want to get arrested and actually have something on my background checks. Still, the facades of these structures are visually wonderful, creepy to be near even in bright daylight and have the ability to spark curiosity in the history of the place. Check out the first set of photos on my flickr and if your curiosity has been sparked, read a little about Pilgrim State here.

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