Thursday, January 10, 2008

it pays, folks, it pays

Yes, patience does pay. I was offered the job that I was truly hoping to get. Somehow the Universe always provides. It is amazing how this all came to fruition.
I had been applying and interviewing for social work positions because that is all that I found advertised. Nothing against the field of social work, it is just that my major was counseling psychology, not social work. One of my goals is to work towards my license as a Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) but I had not been actively thinking about it since moving. Last Wednesday when I was trying to go to sleep my thoughts started racing and I could not stop thinking about what I have to do to get my license. After midnight I leaped out of bed, turned on the computer and looked up the next license exam dates. Then I swigged some NyQuil (I was sick too) and went to bed. Early the next morning before going to work at the temp job, I did a job search, found one (1!!!) job and emailed over my resume. That day the Program Manager had left a message in reference to my resume. I called him back the next morning and set up an interview that afternoon. I left the interview not quite sure how well it went since the interviewer was difficult to read. Monday I had to go in to get the fingerprinting paperwork filled out and submit other required paperwork, and my final letter of recommendation was faxed over on Tuesday. Then I waited.....and waited....and took some deeps breathes....and got support from Greg......and went to Krap-Mart to return some lamp shades.......and I got a call with the job offer!!!
The Universe provides what we need.....we just need to be patient....and return lamp shades.


Anonymous said...

wheee congratscongrats!!!!
where what exactly??
- :)Darlene

Melissa said...

I was hired at an outpatient mental health center to provide individual and group therapy. Once I have my schedule set, I will also be renting office space to start my private practice at a center that is holistically minded on the south shore.