Saturday, January 5, 2008

creating of miso ny

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I have gone back to my crafty roots and started making jewelry again. This was I hobby I enjoyed in my youth and I am realizing that I enjoy it even more today. It feels wonderful to be making things with my hands again, something I had put aside for far too long. Greg is concurrently concocting, constructing and creating other DIY/crafty/artisan items. His creativity is fanning the flames of mine even more. (Another reason to add to the huge list of "Why I am Happy that Greg is in my Life".) We are in the process of creating inventory that will be posted soon on our Etsy Shop. Once we post some items, I will post the link here if you care to peruse. We chose the name "MiSo NY" derived from the first two letters of our last names, and the NY....well....because that is where we are....and straight out "Miso" was taken. That's okay, I like the name even better with the NY. I will add some more details soon.



pink sky said...

can't wait to see!

marta said...

The name is great. AND better with the NY.

Melissa said...

Thanks! Coming soon, you have my word