Monday, January 28, 2008

donations, please

There was a sweet story (pun intended) from the AP about an elderly woman in Maine who was quoted in a previous news story about high fuel costs effect on the elderly in which she had mentioned that her vice was an occasional chocolate bar. After the first article ran, people and companies, including Hershey Company, began sending her tons of chocolate. In the current article she explains that she had so much, she shared with others since she could not enjoy it unless she was able to share (and a person could only eat so much chocolate).

This made me wonder, if I penned my own article here about my vices, if people and corporations would start sending me things as well. It is worth a try, so here is my 'chocolate':

My vices in no particular order are: 1. wonderful new people entering my life and old friends returning, well, because I collect good people, too. 2. health, fitness and yoga buddies 3. fresh organic foods to share with good company 4. a sense of balance, goodness and groundedness 5. love, love and more love 6. humor, laughter and joy 7. a group of people to get together periodically to make crafts for fun, drink coffee and talk about life. I think I will stop my list not want to appear selfish ;)
So there you have it, my vices. Anyone want to 'donate'?

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marta said...

I do wish I could send number seven especially.