Thursday, May 1, 2008

commuter sky

commuter sky
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I am doing my best to stay grounded during this transition. Having only been back in New York less than six months and moving again is making it difficult. I can only do the best I can, each moment. I think yoga tonight will be helpful.

Carloads of stuff have already been moved and put into proper places in the new apartment, so this time it really is easier. The rental truck is reserved for this Saturday and hopefully there will be some sense of rest on Sunday.

Despite it all, driving home the other day, I was simply in awe of the sky. Even though I have been entrenched in the stress of moving, which is making me a bit introspective and pensive, I have moments like this that bring my awareness back to the present. The color of the sky, the clean white of the clouds, and the lack of typical Long Island traffic were very calming to me. I simply had to use my lousy camera phone to capture it. My soul needs moments like these.

What keeps you grounded?


pink sky said...

beautiful pic....even in if it is the early morning (?). inviting you to my new site too...wishstudio blogzine dot blogspot dot com

Melissa said...

No, it's about 4:45 on the drive home. The a.m. would have much more traffic (#1 reason why I hate Long Island: traffic...bleh).

I have been to your new site already and am excited to keep checking in. You're an inspiration